NorCal Referees



Type of Incident:Ethics
Match Number:0
Date of Incident:2018-12-10
Time of Incident:12:00:00
Location of Incident:Turlock CA
Competition:2019 Fall League
Home Team:Turlock
Visiting Team:Lobos
Age Group and Gender:U13B
Team Affiliation of Individual Committing Incident:Lobos
Incident Summary:Les Villanueva was not offered a team to coach at Turlock. He moved to Lobos. He had coached 06B at Turlock and requested permission to coach the players he coached at Lobos. Lobos assigned Mr. Villanueva to coach 05B and coached players he coached at Turlock the previous season. Turlock gave permision for Mr. Villanueva to coach any age group at any club other than 06B.
Comments:The PAD Committee rules that the release from Turlock did not cover the players he had coached at Turlock. For a release of a coach to be effective, the release must specifically mention the players the new club is asking to have coached by the coach who coached them previously. As a result, Les Villanueva may not coach any players he coached at Turlock at Lobos until he has not been engaged as a coach for 1 year at Turlock.