NorCal Referees



Type of Incident:Sportsmanship — May be used if a team, player, coach, or spectator is involved.
Match Number:572
Date of Incident:2018-11-03
Time of Incident:03:15:00
Location of Incident:Mist lin Sports Complex
Competition:2018 NorCal State Cup
Home Team:Marin FC G08BLUE
Visiting Team:Richmond United Black Widows
Age Group and Gender:U11G
Team Affiliation of Individual Committing Incident:Richmond United Black Widows
Incident Summary:Allegation that the spectators from the Richmond team were out of control. The Richmond coach was unable to control his team's spectators whose behavior included racial comments, and asked that the game be terminated because of the behavior of his spectators.
Comments:The PAD Committee recommends that the Event Coordinator give Richmond United the choice of (a) having no spectators permitted at this team's games or (b) removal of this Richmond United team from the competition.