NorCal Referees



Type of Incident:Ethics
Match Number:0
Date of Incident:2019-05-20
Time of Incident:07:00:00
Location of Incident:Roseville
Competition:2019 Spring League
Home Team:U17
Visiting Team:02 Girls 06 Girls
Age Group and Gender:U17G
Team Affiliation of Individual Committing Incident:02 Girls 06 Girls
Incident Summary:A coach left Roseville to coach at Rocklin. It is alleged that the coach has now recruited numerous players to Rocklin.
Comments:First, clubs do not have the ability to control where a coach coaches and no release is required for a coach to coach at a different club.
There is insufficient evidence that recruiting occurred here.
Under NorCal rules, Jose Ordaz may not coach at Rocklin any player that he coached or trained (whether as part of the club or privately) when that player played for Roseville for 1 year from the date Coach Ordaz departed from Roseville.