NorCal Referees



Type of Incident:Sportsmanship — May be used if a team, player, coach, or spectator is involved.
Match Number:958
Date of Incident:2019-11-10
Time of Incident:10:45:00
Location of Incident:Enoch high school
Competition:2019 NorCal State Cup
Home Team:Ajax united 03 b boys(can)
Visiting Team:Cencal cosmos 03 boys grey (can)
Age Group and Gender:U17B
Team Affiliation of Individual Committing Incident:Cencal cosmos 03 boys grey (can)
Incident Summary:This was handled with 2 send-off reports.
Comments:This was handled by the send-off reports field by the referee. The referee has been reported to CNRA and the Modesto assignor to be reviewed.