NorCal Referees



Important Next Steps

  • It is the team's and/or club's responsibility to ensure their Red Carded player/coach serves the minimum 1-game suspension. It is also their responsibility to ensure that their player/coach serves any additional suspension determined by the NorCal PAD committee.
  • The team manager or coach of the suspended individual must download, print, and bring a copy of the Verification of Suspension Served Form with them to each match. Use one form per match suspended.
  • There shall be two types of suspensions:
    1. Minor Offenses – These include send offs for normal soccer actions, second yellow cards, etc. Minor offenses will be given suspensions for a number of games will incur suspensions for an amount of time and will rule players or coaches out across all NorCal competitions.
    2. Major Offenses – These include send offs for violent actions. Major offenses will incur suspensions for an amount of time and will rule players or coaches out across all NorCal competitions.
  • Both the Referee, and the coaches from both teams must complete and sign their respective sections of the form. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.
  • Make sure that all suspensions are served. The only exception is that a suspension may be postponed – at the discretion of the NorCal League Office – if it would prevent the player from playing in College Showcase Events. Tournament games are sanctioned by US Club Soccer and cannot be used to serve suspensions.
  • Scan or take a legible picture of the completed forms, and email them in a timely manner to Jesus Mata:
Match InformationSuspension ID: 7168
Competition Name: 2019 National Premier League
Match Number: 0
Age Group and Gender: U15B
Match Date: 2019-10-06
Sent Off Individual's InformationIndividual's Role: Player
Individual's Registration ID #:
Player's Jersey #*: 3
Individual's Team's Name: Placer United
Individual's Team's Club Name: Placer United Soccer Club
Send Off Reason: Offensive, Insulting or Abusive Language
Administration InformationNumber of Games Suspended: 0
Comments: No game suspension for this player since the referee misapplied the laws of the game. You can not sent off a player based on using the “Offensive, Insulting or Abusive Language” IF you did not hear what the player said.
Timestamp of PAD Decision: 2019-10-09 09:39:59